#14: App Store Optimisation with Diana Moura
Mobile App MakersOctober 12, 2021
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#14: App Store Optimisation with Diana Moura

In this episode of Mobile App Makers, I have the chance to sit down with the talented Diana Moura, who has built up more than 7 years of expertise in the field of app store optimization (ASO). Diana is the ASO specialist for Kurve, a digital marketing agency and consultancy, where she has created ASO strategies to maximize ROI for her clients’ marketing budget.

As she explained to me, even though ASO is crucial to promoting an app, some start-ups don’t put enough time into developing their ASO strategy or they ignore it altogether, which could decrease potential download numbers. Luckily, Diana shared loads of great tips on ASO with me, from the best time to launch an ASO strategy to how to nail your keyword research. 

We also discussed some of the logistics around building a solid ASO process, such as how to test your app performance on an app store and how to use keywords in different languages, even if your app isn’t yet available in that language. Another core component of ASO is your app’s ratings and reviews from customers and here Diana had some fantastic insights on how you can make sure that you get top scores from your users. She also named some of the best tools available for different aspects of ASO. 

Make sure to listen right to the end of this episode to learn loads of great ways to improve your ASO strategy, whatever stage of app development you’re at. Plus, Diana and Kurve are giving away a free ASO audit just for listeners of the Mobile App Makers podcast, so make sure to find out how you can take advantage of this special offer and claim an ASO audit for your mobile app!


[00:58] Diana Moura introduces herself and discusses how she got into app store optimization 

[02:49] What is app store optimization?

[04:50] Diana’s tips for keyword research 

[06:36] How can you maximize your marketing budget to get more app downloads?

[08:50] When should you start optimizing your app store page?

[10:55] Optimizing for multiple app stores 

[12:20] App rating and reviews: how important are they for your ASO strategy? 

[13:16] The secret to getting good app ratings and reviews

[14:32] Diana’s favorite tools to use for ASO 

[15:03] Testing, testing, testing: a key component of your ASO strategy

[16:38] How will Apple’s recent update to the Apple App Store affect ASO?

[18:00] Where to go to find out more about Diana 


Diana on Twitter

Diana on LinkedIn

Kurve website (mention the mobile app makers podcast for a free ASO audit)

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