#16: Mobile App Testing with Rachael Lovallo
Mobile App MakersNovember 08, 2021
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#16: Mobile App Testing with Rachael Lovallo

In today’s episode of the Mobile App Makers podcast, I talk with Rachael Lovallo. Although Rachael stumbled into mobile app testing by accident after completing a degree in mathematics, she has gone on to flourish in the field. She now works as a senior test engineer at Pulsara, a software company in the healthcare industry, and will also give a talk and host a panel at this year’s Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC). Rachael has 10 years of experience in mobile app testing working on the web, desktop, and mobile projects and I was so happy to have a chance to pick her brains about it. 

Rachael walked me through many aspects of mobile app testing, which is a crucial stage in app development. She shared her thoughts on the best ways to test apps in the pre-launch phase and gave me her number one tip on how to increase testing effectiveness. She also analyzed the positives and negatives of using automated testing software, which can really speed up the testing process but maybe doesn’t cover all of your testing needs. 

At the end of the episode, Rachael gave some really useful advice about some of the more practical aspects of mobile testing, such as how to plan out testing when working with a fully remote team, which is something that a lot of app development teams have struggled with since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lastly, she also touched on the optimal app development team structure to make sure that your app is built with quality baked into the process. This is essential listening for anyone working in the field of mobile app testing, and anyone who has a mobile app tester on their team!


Rachael Lovallo serendipitously stumbled upon software testing nearly a decade ago, while trying to figure out what to do with a Mathematics degree. Since then she has been omnivorous, spending time at companies large and small in industries from financial services to healthcare. She has tested everything from desktop to web to mobile applications, as well as dabbled in backend testing. She’s happiest when struggling to find efficient and elegant approaches to new challenges, wearing many hats at work, and collaborating with her team. She currently applies her skills as a Senior Test Engineer at Pulsara, a software company that connects healthcare teams to improve patient outcomes in time-sensitive emergencies.


[00:38] Rachael introduces herself and talks about how she got into mobile app testing

[01:36] Rachael’s forthcoming talk at PNSQC’s annual conference

[03:01] What do app testers bring to a team? 

[05:15] What’s the best way to test a mobile app?

[07:49] The #1 way to optimize your app testing strategy

[08:27] Test parties: how to discover the end-user experience and bring new ideas to the table

[11:05] Organizing the ultimate test party

[12:07] The pluses and minuses of automated testing for mobile apps

[14:54] The hurdles of fully remote app testing, and how to overcome them

[17:03] How can a team lead the best support a mobile app testing and development team? 

[17:48] The optimal team structure to make a great mobile app

[19:38] Where to go to find out more about Rachael and the PNSQC


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