#19 App monetisation with Steve Young
Mobile App MakersMay 18, 2022
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#19 App monetisation with Steve Young

Olivier DestrebecqOlivier DestrebecqHost

If you think that trying to increase your download numbers is the best way to monetize your app, then you’re wrong. Steve P. Young is an app developer and consultant who helps app makers to earn money from their creations. He specializes in unconventional strategies that boost app monetization.

Today on the Mobile App Makers podcast, I interview Steve and pick his brains on all things related to app monetization. You’ll learn the counterintuitive app monetization strategies that actually deliver revenue, which app stats are the most important to track, and why you might be wasting your time adding shiny new features to your app.

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[0:37] Steve’s route from studying business to making an app to starting a podcast [2:36] The smart approach to starting a business... and the stupid approach
[3:39] Using case studies to back up your advice
[5:01] Steve shares the most counterintuitive bits of advice from the app world that actually work

[7:55] More downloads isn’t the way forward: What Steve suggests to actually monetize your app
[10:33] “You don’t need more features!!” A case study to prove that more features isn’t always what the end users wants

[14:14] Steve talks black hat strategies
[16:18] What tools and strategies help you to optimize retention?
[19:23] How Steve transitioned from app development into an app optimization consultant
[20:50] What Steve does with his own apps today
[21:45] Where to go to find out more about Steve Links

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