#18: No code app with Justin Halfpenny
Mobile App MakersDecember 08, 2021
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#18: No code app with Justin Halfpenny

On today’s episode of the Mobile App Makers podcast, I talk no-code mobile apps with the CEO of Caddify, Justin Halfpenny. Caddify is a SAAS company that offers companion apps for physical devices such as cars and household appliances. They offer a platform for other companies to build an app from a spreadsheet, with customizable options to help you launch an app cheaply and quickly, without any developer knowledge. 

Justin and I discuss the potential of no-code apps, which are a game changer in the world of app development. In the future, Justin envisages no-code apps playing an important role in the Internet of Things, helping the end users to understand and diagnose problems with their devices. However, there are drawbacks to using no-code apps too. Apps requiring different and more complex set-ups may not fit into the model of a no-code app design, although Justin outlines how some coding can be integrated into a no-code app

I also asked Justin about the user experience on a no-code app, which is a crucial element in the success of any app. Justin has seen the evolution of mobile apps over the years and has focussed his UX strategy on giving the users the best onboarding experience possible within a no-code app framework, so that users feel confident about installing and beginning to use the app. We end the discussion by talking about how to build a mobile app that lasts, keeping user experience at the heart of your app design to make sure that your app will continue to meet your users’ expectations. 

========== Timestamps ===========

[00:27] Justin introduces himself and talks about his background in mobile tech

[01:22] Digital companions for physical products

[02:37] How Caddify is making companion apps cheaper and easier

[03:57] Building an app without code 

[05:20] The huge potential of no-code apps

[07:06] How can you maintain an app without code? 

[09:50] Listing no-code apps on an app store

[11:30] What are the downsides of choosing a no-code app? 

[12:55] Adding coding options to no-code apps

[14:10] How do users respond to no-code apps? 

[15:59] How can you build an app that lasts?

[17:52] Where to go to find out more about Justin and Caddify

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